William Lemon

About 1670 – 1724

Born in England on about 15 April 1670, married Mary (Jane) Rodda on 30 Jul 1692 at St Hilary, Cornwall, England. William died in Jul 1724 at the age of 54 and was interred at Germoe Parish Church.

Jane Rodda

About 1664 – 1719

Baptised as Jane on 12 Jan 1665 at St Erth, Cornwall, England to her father Emmanuel. She died in Jun 1719 at the age of 54 and was interred at Germoe Parish Church.
William and Jane had three children: William, Thomasine, and Samuel.

Samuel Lemon (Capt.)

About 1705 – 1786

Baptised at Breage on 17 Jun 1705, while residing at Germoe. Married Margaret Nicholas on 23 Aril 1743 at St Hilary, by license. In 1754 Captain Samuel Lemon purchased a 1/48 share of the Great Work Mine on Lord Godolphin’s Estate. On 9 Feb 1760, he purchased a 99 year lease on a dwelling house and land at Trenwell from the Earl of Godolphin for £105. In 1767, Samuel purchased a 99 year lease on 18 acres of rough ground called Trevabyn Crofts for £8. He was appointed Church Warden at Germoe Parish in about 1770. He died in Jun 1786 and was interred at Germoe Parish Church.

Margaret Nicholas

About 1719 – 1779

Baptised as Margaret on 19 Apr 1719 at Ludgvan, Cornwall, England to her parents Henry Nicholas and Isabella Thomas. Margaret died in Dec 1779 and was interred at Germoe Parish Church on 3 Jan 1780.
Samuel and Margaret had ten children: Jane, Samuel, Elizabeth (d. inf.), John, Elizabeth Isabella, William, Charles, Margaret, Thomasine, and Edward Nicholas.

Samuel Lemon

1745 – 1800

Born about 21 Nov 1745 and baptised at Germoe on 28 Dec 1745. Married Elizabeth Furse on 27 Sep 1771 at Madron, by license. On 14 Nov 1782 the partnership between Samuel Lemon, James Edwards and William Gluyas, under the firm Samuel Lemon and Company was dissolved by mutual consent. On 13 May 1783, Samuel the Younger, of Breage, shopkeeper appeared before the Bankruptcy Commission at the King’s Arms Inn at Marazion. In about 1785, Samuel was appointed Collector of HM Customs on St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly. He died on 10 Aug 1800 at Helston, and was interred there on 13 Aug 1800.

Elizabeth Furse

1749 – 1805

Born at Paul in Dec 1749, she was then baptised at Paul on 21 Dec 1749 to Thomas Furse and Elizabeth. Her mother was buried the day after the baptism. Thomas’ will was probated just 2 years later in 1751. It would appear from records that she was raised by close family on her mother’s side, where she was left as majority beneficiary to their estate.
Samuel and Elizabeth had eight children: Elizabeth, Samuel, Thomas (d.inf.), Susanna, Thomas, Mary, Rebecca, and William Henry (d. inf.).

1774 – 1834

Born and baptised on 10 May 1774 at Breage. On 30 May 1801 he was recorded in the Cornwall Gazette and Falmouth Packet as Collector of HM Customs at Falmouth. The following month he was appointed Collector HM Customs at St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly – a post held by his father until his death the year prior. He married Elizabeth Leggatt at St Mary’s on 20 Sep 1801. He died on 13 Feb 1834 at St Mary’s at the age of 59, and was buried in the Old Town Churchyard on 17 Feb 1834.

Elizabeth Leggatt

1770 – 1845

Born in 1770 and baptised on 18 Sep 1773 at St John the Baptist Church in Cardiff, Wales, to Abraham Leggatt and Anne. Abraham was a surgeon when the family moved to St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly in about 1780, when he took up occupation as Surgeon of the Garrison. Elizabeth had a stoke while eating breakfast on 1 Oct 1839, which left her with paralysis on left side of her body. She lived another 6 years, and died on 15 Nov 1846 at St Mary’s. She was interred in the Old Town Churchyard on 25 Nov 1845.
Samuel and Elizabeth had five children: Samuel Buller, Elizabeth Anderson, Unnamed (d. inf.), William Ustick, and Charles.

Samuel Buller Lemon

1802 – 1866

Born on 26 Jun 1802 on St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly, and baptised 21 Jul 1802 at St Mary’s Church. On 2 Jun 1829, Samuel was married to Rachel Lakes in St Austell Church (Holy Trinity), by Rev. John Lakes (the bride’s brother). By 1841 they were living at York Terrace, Kennington when Samuel was working in HM Customs Department. He retired as Comptroller of the Tea and East India Department in January 1864 on superannuation after a service of 42 years. He died on 11 Aug 1866 at 2 Gladstone Street, Southwark and was buried on 16 Aug 1866 at West Norwood Cemetery.

Rachel Lakes

1804 – 1851

Born about 1804, Rachel was baptised on 20 mar 1804 in St Austell to parents William Henry Lakes (dyer) and Rachel Gould. Rachel was the maternal granddaughter of John Gould MD, and Rachel Rashleigh – the daughter of Jonathan Rashleigh and Mary Clayton of Menabilly. Rachel died on 10 Sep 1851 at home  – 2 County Terrace, Camberwell New Road, at the age of 47 from tuberculosis and was interred at West Norwood Cemetery.
Samuel and Rachel had eight children: Fanny, Samuel Henry, Emily, Charles, John, Robert, Caroline, and Ellen Rosa May.

Charles Lemon

1837 – 1879

Born in 1837, Charles was baptised on 8 Mar 1837 at St Mark’s Anglican Church, Kennington. On 7 Apr 1861, Charles was residing at home at 2 County Terrace while working as a Clerk in HM Customs House – where his father was also working. He married Maria Wallis on 7 Apr 1863 at Emmanuel Church, Camberwell, and took up residence at 42 Guildford Road, Clapham. He died on 24 Mar 1879 at 32 Loughborough Road, Brixton age the age of 42 from tuberculosis, and was interred at West Norwood Cemetery.

Maria Wallis

1839 – 1923

Born 8 May 1839 at 18 Claremont Place, St Pancras to parents William Henry Wallis and Martha Scott. Her father was an engraver and went on to be a well-known art dealer and succeed Ernest Gambart as the proprietor of the French Gallery in Pall Mall. Her mother died when Maria was only 11 from tuberculosis. Maria was widowed at 39 years old. She died on 19 May 1923 at 9 Buckleigh Road, Streatham Common, at the age of 84 and was interred at West Norwood Cemetery.
Charles and Maria had 7 children: Hilda Louise, Maude Beatrice, Ethel Mary, Lilian May, Amy (d. inf.), Claude Scott, and Madeline Irene.

Hilda Louise Lemon

1866 – 1936

Born 10 Jun 1866 at 2-Peakirk Villas, St James Road, Brixton, Hilda was baptised 5 Jul at St Jude’s Anglican Church. Hilda married Lewis Herbert Glenton Kerr on 5 Sep 1891 at St Matthew’s Church, Brixton. On 4 Aug 1914 Hilda and her children were to depart Liverpool to Montreal, Canada aboard the SS Andania, but their voyage was delayed 2 weeks due to the rumblings of War from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Hilda died at home on 3 Jul 1936 at 3330 Troie Avenue, Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal at the age of 70, and was interred at Montreal Memorial Gardens in Ville St-Laurent.
Lewis and Hilda had six children: Unnamed (d. inf.), Ronald Lewis, Kathleen Hilda, Allan, Noel, and Marjorie Jocelyn.

Lewis Herbert Glenton Kerr

1863 – 1946

Born 2 Jul 1863 at 10 New Steine, Kemp Town, Brighton to Lewis Glenton Kerr and Eliza Ann Tyler. His father Lewis came from a family of wealthy builders and lime merchants, and used some of this social stature to conduct a series of what we could now determine to be fraud-related activities over most of his life, resulting in the family constantly moving every couple of years. In May 1894, Lewis Herbert was elected Secretary of the Great Northern Central Hospital, from his prior appointment as Assistant Secretary at the Middlesex Hospital. On 20 Oct 1911, he gave a lecture to the Incorporated Association of British Medical Officers titled, “Paying Hospitals of the Future.” It would appear that Lewis departed rather suddenly for Montreal as the hospital only posted for his replacement almost a month after he left. Lewis traveled on 17 Apr 1914 from London to Montreal aboard the RMS Empress of Ireland. He began working for the shipping agent, Thos. Harling and Sons as an accountant, and then for his son. Lewis was well-known for his flower and vegetable gardens in St-Lambert. He died at home of a heart-attack after eating breakfast on 17 Oct 1946 at 470 Merton Avenue, at the age of 83. He was on the phone with his granddaughter Hilda Lucas at the time. Lewis was interred alongside his wife in Montreal Memorial Gardens in Ville St-Laurent.

Kathleen Hilda Glenton Kerr

1896 – 1993

Kathleen was born 29 Dec 1896 at the family residence at 3 Manor Gardens, Holloway which was located on the grounds of the Great Northern Central Hospital where her father was Secretary. She was baptised on 5 Mar 1897 at St George’s Anglican Church, Tufnell Park. After traveling with her mother and siblings to join their father in Montreal at the age of 17, the family settled in St-Lambert. In 1921, she was working as a servant earning $700 per year (~$12,000 in 2023). Kathleen married Reg Lucas on 26 May 1922 at St Barnabas Anglican Church in St-Lambert. Their honeymoon was to Knowlton, Quebec. Kathleen was active in St Barnabas Church during her life, including her term as President of the Women’s Auxiliary. She worked for the Montreal Star as a switchboard operator. Kathleen was widowed at 64, and went on to continue to reside in their home at 372 Rue Dulwich. In the 1980’s, her daughter Hilda, with whom she lived, retired from St Barnabas Church from her career as the Parish Secretary, and decided to move to Vancouver Island. Kathleen went to live in a retirement home in Cowansville, and then to the Anglican Church-operated, Fulford Residence on Guy Street in Montreal. She died there on 28 Jan 1993 at the age of 96, and was interred alongside her husband at Montreal Memorial Gardens in Ville St-Laurent.

Reginald Guy Lucas

1897 – 1961

Reg was born 28 Nov 1897 and was baptised the following February at Montreal All Saints Anglican Church to parents Joseph Lucas Cleaver and Ada Arabella Silcox. His father Joseph abandoned his wife Elizabeth Annie Turner in England and came to Canada with Ada in Jun 1890. Elizabeth continued to reside with Joseph’s family in Bath for a number of years. It was at this time he dropped his surname Cleaver and went by his middle name and mother’s maiden name, Joseph Lucas. Reg enlisted to the Canadian Expeditionary Force, alongside his brothers Bill and Charlie, before being sent off to the Somme. He fought at the Second Battle of Ypres, where was severely wounded in the back of his head from a shrapnel wound in front of Zillebeke Church. He went to convalesce in England, where he took up the bugle. He returned to Canada and began work at Greenshields and Racine, a wholesale dry goods retailer in Montreal for whom he worked until his death. He was active with Scouts Canada and the Legion for most of his life. He suffered a heart-attack and died on 3 sep 1961 at Montreal General Hospital at the age of 63. Reg was interred at Montreal Memorial Gardens in Ville St-Laurent.